The next eshine telescope

The next eshine telescope

Design ideas and tests for a new generation of automatic earthshine telescope

What did we learn from the first try?

First eshine telescope

PointingPosted by Peter Thejll Mon, October 28, 2013 16:33:10
In our very first eshine teleeescope (the 0'th) which went to La Palma for testing, we had placed the knife-edge on the surface of the CCD and did prime-focus imaging. We could control the pointing with software (clicks on a star atlas) and could rotate the camera in its ball-bearings so that the knife-edge was aligned as required.

With a somewhat larger CCD or CMOS, higher pixel count and an image scale that allowed the Moon to be well imaged in the half that was not covered by knife-edge we might be able to design a system with minimal movable parts - just the mount to point and a motor to rotate the camera. No secondary optics (we would not need a colour FW as we would be using a modified RGB CMOS). No shutter (provided CMOSs read out really fast so that there is no 'dragging').

We could go back and inspect our La Palma images - most of them were made with an attempt at the SKE.

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