The next eshine telescope

The next eshine telescope

Design ideas and tests for a new generation of automatic earthshine telescope

What did we learn from the first try?

Operating system

SoftwarePosted by Daddy-o Thu, May 23, 2013 08:02:38
Our whole system (except 'woof' which only did data handling) was based on Windows. We know very little about Windows. We use Linux. Now we have a problem!

Windows allows spaces and non-alphanumeric characters in path and filenames - Linux does not. Accessing files from Linux that sits on a Windows HD is difficult ...

We think a future system should be entirely based around Linux. For one thing, scripting 'simple commands' would be easier. Labview is available for Linux, but I'd like not to use Labview in the future as it is licensed = $$$.

Can the various hardware bits be - easily - commanded from Linux? Or must one use Windows?

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